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REG starts new division REG Holding & Development Company!

REG Holding & Development company's goal is to develop and franchise multiple high tech multimedia film & entertainment studio compounds that will also have a mixed use of commercial, residential, industrial, supportive retail, warehouse, office, and many more income producing real estate. REG Holdings and Development, LLC (REG HD) is an Atlanta, Georgia based subsidiary company under Revolutionary Ehtertainment Group, LLC that will provide real estate development and rental services to customers in its targeted market. REG HD will also primarily engage the business of developing a mixture of real estate properties with the intent to sell or rent the property once the project is completed. If the real estate market does not provide a fair and reasonable market value for the property, then Management will aggressively rent the units until such time when the building can be divested at a fair market value. There are several considerations that REG HD must deal with before purchasing land for development purposes. Once the property is competed, REG HD will then seek to divest the property or rent the units in order to generate income to satisfy any debt obligations of the business.

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