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Revolutionary Entertainment Group, LLC is a multi-divisional media and entertainment company that specializes in technology, TV, film, and music production along with real estate development.

R.E.G Records

R.E.G Networks

R.E.G Foundation

R.E.G Films

R.E.G Vacations

R.E.G Holding/Develop

R.E.G Divisions

R.E.G Records: It is the mission of R.E.G. Records to bring new and innovative artist's music to mainstream!
R.E.G Films: It is the mission of R.E.G. Films to produce quality motion pictures, TV shows, documentaries, and many more!
R.E.G Networks: It is the mission of R.E.G. Networks & On-Demand to produce quality TV programming's through mainstream media and digital outlets!
R.E.G Holding & Development: It is the mission of R.E.G. Holding & Development to develop R.E.G H & D into a premier international development firm that will develop and sell entertainment venues and other mixed used real estate properties!
R.E.G Foundation: It is the mission of R.E.G. Foundation to provide support & donations to institutions that support positive community causes with a focus on providing benefits to in need children, families, and other important causes!
R.E.G Vacations: It is the mission of R.E.G. Vacations to provide exclusive and luxurious vacation rental properties powered by Westgate Resorts!

R.E.G Executive Team

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  Zackrey M. Ceasar is the founder and chief executive officer of Revolutionary Entertainment Group, LLC based out of Atlanta, GA. Zackrey is from Monroe, Louisiana where he attended both Grambling State University and eventually Southern University A&M College where he studied the arts of Theater. After graduating, Zackrey launched his career in the entertainment business as an actor which eventually led to landing roles in featured films and commercials such as "The Stick Up Kids", "Gut Shot Str8", and the "TSW Debit Card commercial".

Once gaining experience in the entertainment industry Zackrey decided to start R.E.G in 2012 to start his very own multi - media entertainment company such as film/TV, media, and music production as well as technology and real estate development. Since then, Zackrey has created partnerships with prominent companies and individuals through the country.

  Zackrey Ceasar

(Founder & C.E.O)

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