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REG, LLC Corporate Office

3810 Ridgefair Dr.

Atlanta, GA 30040

Fulton County

United States



Revolutionary Entertainment Group, LLC is a multi-divisional media and entertainment company that specializes in technology, TV, film, and music production along with real estate development.

Revolutionary Entertainment Group, LLC has multiple operating subsidiary companies. See the following divisions below for more details.

R.E.G Records

R.E.G Networks

R.E.G Foundation

R.E.G Films

R.E.G Management

R.E.G Holding/Develop

R.E.G Divisions

R.E.G Records: It is the mission of R.E.G. Records to bring new and innovative artist's music to mainstream via partnership with Sony Music Group/The Orchard.
R.E.G Films: It is the mission of R.E.G. Films to produce quality motion pictures, TV shows, documentaries, and many more distributed through Sony/The Orchard, Netflix, and Virtual Eminence.
R.E.G Networks: It is the mission of R.E.G. Networks & On-Demand to produce quality TV programming's through mainstream media and digital outlets via partnership with Sony Distribution/The Orchard & Virtual Eminence.
R.E.G Holding & Development: It is the mission of R.E.G. Holding & Development to develop R.E.G H & D into a premier international development firm that will develop and sell entertainment venues and other mixed used real estate.
R.E.G Foundation: It is the mission of R.E.G. Foundation to provide donations to institutions that support positive community causes with a focus on providing benefits to in need children, families, and important causes.
R.E.G Management: It is the mission of R.E.G. Management to provide outstanding artist representation, consulting, counseling, and public relations t to a broad spectrum of entertainers. 

R.E.G Partners