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Revolutionary Entertainment Group Records (R.E.G Records) is a subsidiary record label company under Revolutionary Entertainment Group, LLC with a partnership with the Executive Decision Media Group (EDMG) and Sony Music Group.

January 14, 2017

R.E.G Records partners with EDMG and Sony Music!

R.E.G Records to sign a 1 year deal with EDMG and distributed by Sony Music Group to release a compilation album!

January 14, 2017

Founder of R.E.G Records Zack Ceasar set to release a compilation album!

Founder & C.E.O of R.E.G is set to release a compilation album with some of the most talented up and coming artist titled "W.A.R"!


January 14, 2017

Timmeyon drops mixtape "The Throne"!

R.E.G Records artist Timmeyon drops mixtape "The Throne before the release of highly anticipated compilation album from owner Zack Ceasar!

Plus More!

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